A payday loan or cash advance is a short-term, fast and unsecured loan which provides you with the money whenever you are experiencing temporary financial troubles. As regards charges, most payday loans require you to repay extra $24 for every $100 that you borrow.

In order to see how your payback changes according to the borrowed sum, see the following chart:

* These are example fees and may not be representative of all lenders of
** The data considers a loan being repaid within one month


The legal regulations require the lenders to show their interest rates in the form of Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and APR describes the interest rate for a whole year (annualized) rather than just a monthly rate. This constitutes a good point of reference when you are considering taking out a mortgage or any other loan that you will be repaying for 1 year or more. By comparing and analysing APR offered by different lenders, you’ll be able to choose the best one for you.
In the case of short-term loans such as payday loans, APR will not be so important for you since you’ll be repaying the loan in less than 1 year. Typically, a payday loan is repaid on or before a borrower’s next payday.
Therefore, when expressed in APR, a payday loan may seem very expensive, but, bearing in mind that it will be repaid within a month, it will cost you only $24 for every $100 borrowed. That’s why we focus not on the APR but on the exact amount that you need to pay back.


Your loan agreement will explicitly state all the details related to this particular loan. Perhaps the most important piece of information for you, apart from the very loan amount, is the repayment date. The money you are borrowing need to be repaid in full before or on the specified date. If you fail to meet this deadline, the lender will charge additional fees for late payment which, in turn, will increase the total amount of your debt. Also, when you are repaying the money borrowed, please consider any non-working days (such as weekends, bank holidays) as they slow down the process of transferring money.

FEES is not a direct lender and hence it does not apply any charges for its services. All the fees or charges you may incur will be specified by your lender in your loan agreement. On our part, we carefully choose the lenders we cooperate with, paying close attention to the practices they adopt in order to make sure our customers are provided with the best service possible. Also, we do our best in order to make the application process simple and hassle-free for you:

Being a customer of you will NOT be charged the following:

  • application fees
  • fast-funding fees
  • collection fees
  • postal fees
  • monthly account fees


How much would you like to borrow?

799% APR Representative.
Example: $200 borrowed for 30 days.
Amount payable is $248.
Interest and fee's are $48.